Sunday, January 9, 2011

Deer Habitat Workshop for Landowners or A chainsaw is the Deer's Best Friend

Did you know that, without the small land-owners help, the deer herd is not expected to reach normal levels in 30 years! If we, as land-owners get busy, maybe we can acheive l980 levels in 10 years!!! If you are a land-owner, and enjoy the presence of deer, than you can't afford to miss this workshop.

Rangeley Region Guides & Sportsmen's Club is proud to host a free workshop for members and the public on managing own's property to enhance deer sustainability. On Saturday, March 12, 8:30-12:00, this workshop is designed for the Upper Kennebec Valley chapter of SWOAM. What is SWOAM? It is an organization of small Maine land-owners meant to teach the owner management techniques of forest sustainability. It also educates about tax breaks, provides informative newsletters, easements and profit-making.

Anyone is invited to attend this Saturday workshop at the Oquossoc Clubhouse. Coffee and cookies available at the Clubhouse 8:30, followed by a 9:00 talk on deer ecology and timber management techniques with IF+W Biologists Chuck Hulsey and Bob Cordes. The participants will then tour the work the Rangeley Lakes Heritage Trust folks have done to increase deer habitat on Trust land. This is a great workshop for those who would love a little more guidance on how to manage their land to encourage deer, or those just interested in deer ecology. Foresters will also be hand to discuss spruce/fir management relative to deer habitat.

Please dress for the weather and bring showshoes if you have them. The outside portion will involve a short walk. This workshop is sponsored by the SWOAM, the Rangeley Region Guides and Sportsmen’s Association, IF+W, and the Maine Forest Service.

Directions: Once in Oquossoc , Continuing West on Highway 4, turn left at the 2nd intersection past the Oquossoc Post Office. Drive 2 blocks and you will see the Club House on the right.

Any questions, contact Marcia at 864-3351 or Patty Cormier at 592-2238 ,