Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Results of Apple Tree Release

Thanks to a great volunteer crew, about 85 % of the apple trees we released are bearing fruit. Photos of these apples were taken last week. This fall, we will attempt to do some more pruning in this orchard. Get your chain saws and pruners ready!

Before and After

Monday, August 15, 2011

Winter Road Conquered


Seven Islands requests Jack Searles to excavate and prepare the mile long winter road for a food plot

And who is this at the Kabota helm? None other than retired minister Bill Carter. Still making the world a better place. But this time, it is for those who without a voice.

Below is Rick Baker spreading seed on the winter road. Note the seeds radiating out of the hopper. This mile long road was seeded in 1/2 hour! Thank you Rick for the many hours you put in this summer.

This is same location as the first photo: Before and After. Although you can't see it, the ash-covered soil is dragged to aereate it and the seed has been laid.

Sunday, August 7, 2011

Ash Spreading on Woody Hill Plots

Thanks to the 5 Volunteers who helped spread
ash on August 1, 2001. You can't see them but Dave Borman, on Kabota, is dumping ash to Ron Ray's dump truck (Cupsuptic Fabrication).

The ash being transferred to another plot
around the corner
Here you see Dave Borman, Kabota owner, Oquossoc, delicately spreading
the ash across the plot.

Next, Rick Baker drags the ash to evenly distribute it. Just to remind you, ash sweetens and fertilizes the soil, which enables our specially designed seed mix to grow into high-protein forage. Deer and wildlife needs this to fatten up for our sever winters.

Then rakers, Tom Nagel and Albert Ladd,

rake the ash into any empty spots. After that, its seeded. If it wasn't for our volunteers, this project would be nowhere.