Thursday, June 28, 2012

Three Year Old Plots Continue to Produce

N0W:  Plot going on Third Season
 A stroll in our original plot made in spring, 2010.  This is a Wagner sponsored log landing.  The three year-old clover is knee high,  and timothy and self-seeded oats still thrive.  
Deer or Moose Browsing Signs
Then: Early 2010 Plot in its Infancy 

Volunteers Prepare Landings for 2012 Season

There was a big turn-out to clear debris on    the new 2012 landings for  dragging, laying out wood ash,  and seeding.  Thank you Don Curtiss, Don Montevani, Don Chase and Don Miller...   (Huh, Are we in Sicily?!)  Also, Marge Miller, Claire Chase, Aaron Vryhof and Rick Baker. 

Don Miller, Aaron Vryhof and Rick Baker taking a break.
Left to Right:  Don Curtiss, Marge Miller, Dick Moore,  Claire  Chase and Don Miller.  This plot really has a room with a view!  This plot already shows a lot of promise. 

Don Chase and Don Montevani 

Already,  there is lots of sign of deer and  moose. Even a grouse covey.  Not to mention two snakes, a vole, a rat , song birds and a toad.  
Marge Miller swinging it.

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Forage Seed Mix Available at River's Edge, Oquossoc

We have been checking our first and second season's  deer plot crops just this week.  I am pleased to announce that we have seen many grouse coveys foraging and deer browsing.There are also browsing signs of moose and beer too.  The clover aroma is overwhelming and a foot high. Song birds are busy eating the bees and insects.   This seed mix really works,  and of course the wood ash helps a little too!

The Rangeley Standard Seed Mix is still available at River's Edge Sports in Oquossoc,  864-5582.  A 12 lb. bag will cover 1/8 acre and is $40.  Always make sure that your soil has a ph of 6.0.   Use lime or wood ash to build up your soil to the proper sweetness.  Composed of Winter rye, buck forage oats, buckwheat, forage turnips; and  white dutch- medium red- and alsike clover. 

We also introduced a new Low Ph Seed Mix,  which should grow in soils 5.0-5.5.  It is experimental.  Sorry we are sold out,  but you can order this seed mix through Easter Sales, Pownal 688-4991.  A 12 lb. bag cost 65$ and covers an acre.  Composed of Chicory, cowpeas, annual winter rye, buckwheat ,  crimson clover, Durana white- and Alsike Clover.