Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Only Shoot Here with Your Camera!

A visiting moose was called in by Nick Leadley a professional wildlife photographer. This was shot with his hand-held camera. On some of our plots, we can actually see moose beds. If you like what you see, google Nick on his new website

I think the Club should donate Nick a pair of deer antlers, so he can learn to rattle antlers!

Please be reminded that we want all hunters to hunt away from the plots. Its the right thing to do! Only shoot with your cameras.

Monday, October 17, 2011

Signs of Wildlife Foraging

We can't prove that the critters are better surviving the winter because of these plots. We can however monitor the plots for signs of usage. When the volunteers visit the plots every two weeks in the fall, they look for different signs:

We use remote cameras. (Deer photos courtesty of wildlife photographer, Nick Ledley).

We look for sign of fresh tracks.


Signs of browsing is observed. The bottom photos were taken from new plots this year:

Saturday, October 1, 2011

Turn it Up with Turnips

The first photo as on a challenging winter road planted with the modified Rangeley Mix quite late in August. With a composition of 5% turnips, the dark green is striking with their bold growth of turnip leaves. The clover will take a foot-hold next year after the turnips are gone. On Sept 31, We saw deer and moose tracks, turkey and fox scat.

The remaining photos are of a food plot planted totally with turnips. We were surprised how turnips grew since the hurricane a month ago: From a walnut size to baseball size.

The pink color on the leaves indicate a touch of frost.