Thursday, September 30, 2010

Another Dent in the Apple Tree Project

On Sept 26, four brave souls endured the drizzle to once again work on the apple tree orchard that is being choked out by mature forest.

To your left is Sam Spaulding, professional forester, downing the nearby trees so that the apple trees will be exposed to more light. Sunlight is the most important thing to restore these trees. You will note an apple tree trunk to the left of the picture with its own identifying tag.

Gino Nalli is using a specialized chainsaw that can saw off the dead wood in no time.

Gary Languille, who hails from Cape Cod, also fell many trees.
Because of such a small work party, we will have to reschedule to delimb and clean up. We also will be fertilizing the trees.
Mark your calendar. Next tentative date will be October 13, at 1:00 in the Quimby Pond area. Call marcia for directions. Bring your shears and pruners.

Thank you fellas for helping to make a difference.

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