Saturday, October 16, 2010

Third Apple Tree Release Clinic

With just a mid-week crew of five, we exceeded our goals. Not only did we get the clean-up done, with two wildmen (Bob Booker and Chick Hembrow) bearing chainsaws, we released an extra seven apple trees, and fertilized the ones from last cutting. This means that we have released 24 apple trees that will provide cover (from the accumulated brush piles) and nourishment to countless animal and bird species. This is all from 3 occasions with 6 hours of labor.
Below you see Bob Booker ( in green plaid) and Andy Chabot, both over 80 years old clearing and piling limbs. Remarkable. Need I say more?

Andy Chabot, in red plain jacket, a Trac Club member, drove all the way from Saco, to help with this project. Thanks Andy for your dedication.

(Below) Mary Henbrow and Chuck really going to it!

Last cutting will be October 31, Sunday from 1:00 - 3:00. Call Marcia at 864-3351 if you would like to help.

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