Tuesday, November 16, 2010


No, you aren't a witness to a gruesome murder. Instead, you see Michael Warren (red checked coat) clearing an outlying apple tree. Despite inclement weather, Oct 29th was our last clinic of the year.

Gino Nali and Michael W. team up.

To your left are the dynamic couple Kevin and Doreen Sinnett. Below is our own Marilyn Bronton slinging brush.

Below: Gino Nali trimming with Sheri Oldham, (lt. green jacket) who has traded in her former surgeon's gown for Kevlar chaps. I wonder if she makes precision cuts with that chain saw.

All in all, we have released a total of 34 apple trees, ending the first phase of this location. I keep on getting asked, "What's being released?" LIGHT. We are clearing around the trees, so that the crowns can be exposed to more sunlight.

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