Monday, April 26, 2010

Apple Tree Release Project off to a Great Start

On a beautiful spring day, April 24, a group of eight released 10 apple trees, and partially released 5 more.
Attending were Sam Spaulding, Dick Moore, Jack and Jean Nutile, Andy Chabot (representing the Trac Club), Tom Nagle, and Rick & Marcia Baker. We far exceeded our expectations on the how much ground we covered (no pun intended).
In these photos, you can barely make out Sam Spaulding and Jack Nutile as they cut and clear the congested area around three apple trees. (In fact I can't even tell who else is in these photos). Note the same three apple trees after they are released. Each tree was given a little 5-10-10 fertilizer. Next year, the crowns will receive a little pruning. As these trees are considered senior citizens (with one step into the nursing home), a little has to be done each year to insure recovery.
A special thanks to Don and Sandi Dumont, RRG & SA members, who have allowed the team to rejuvenate their overgrown orchard.
Another Release event will be planned this summer to finish the rest of the orchard. Newcomers are always welcome. Contact Sam Spaulding or Marcia Baker to get on the Volunteer list.

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