Monday, April 26, 2010

Logging Company Project : First Phase

Soil tests are being taken at one of Wagner's logging sites where the RRG &SA volunteers will be planting the wildlife-friendly seed mix on a wood ash-prepared soil. The road ash will be donated by Boralex of Stratton. The goal of this partnership is to strengthen the deer herd and other wildlife. Shown here is Dave Borman and Dick Moore, volunteers on the Deer Forage Project sponsored by the club. Wood Ash, a free natural fertilizer, will be used to neutralize the soil so that the seeds will have more vitality in a very acidic soil. One of the goals is to see if wood ash will be effective. One half of the plots will consist of seeds only, and the other half will contain seeds and wood ash. Wildlife use will be monitored by the volunteers.
A new partner in this project has come on board. M & H Construction has offered 2 dump trucks to devliver the wood ash from Boralex in Stratton to Wagner's and Seven Islands' logging sites.

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