Tuesday, September 27, 2011

New Experimental Plot

Wow, its so much fun this time of year to see the fruits of our labors. These are photos taken of our new experimental turnip patch taken in early September. We are trying these annuals, because they hold up so well in cold weather. In fact, deer normally don't eat the turnip tops until after the first frost. The leaves turn into a delicious-tasting carbohydrate for the deer. Sometimes it takes them awhile to learn to eat them. The leaves stand up in the snow and are accessible up to a foot of snow--I am told. Hopefully, the deer learn to paw up the bulbs which will last up until spring greening. We will keep you posted.

The deer are already hanging around, but we haven't caught them browsing yet. Thanks goes to Nick Ledley, our wildlife photographer, who is monitering wildlife use with trail cameras.

Ron Roy, our moniter now claims these turnips are 2-3 inches in diameter. Remember, just as we ask you not to hunt on our plots, we ask you not to eat the turnips.

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