Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Reving Up for Next Year

Before and During-- not quite before and after: This new plot donated by Wagner is being prepared by RRG & SA volunteers for "Frost Seeding" when the spring snow starts to melt. It is a progess in work

Below, you see Mark Beuregard's Forestry Company delivering a load of ash. They have to donate approximately a 1/2 day to transfer the ash from Boralex's hoppers in Stratton. Boralex burns biomass to produce electricity. The left-over ash can now go back to the forest and be recylced via the Deer Forage Project. Mark Beauregard becomes another communtiy partner that makes this project the success that it is. Note that the ash is still quite hot.

Volunteers who are prepping the log landing are RRG&SA volunteers Gregg Silloway, Marilyn Brontman and Don & Marge Miller. Thank you folks for your contribution.

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