Saturday, July 17, 2010

Ash-Delivery July 12 for Soil Preparation of Plots

On July 12, Our 30 tons of ash arrived. Here you see this truck preparing to dump 9 tons of wood ash on Wagner's Anvil Rock site. Notice that the ash is still steaming!

This tractor-trailor truck carrying 30 tons of still-warm steaming ash, made it up all the logging roads to deliver the seperate loads to our three designated cleared areas at Wagner and Seven Islands Logging Companies.

It took 22 hours for Boralex Energy to fill the truck , and then cart it here to Rangeley! The truck is so big, it has a conveyor-like floor that moves the ash out and onto the ground.

This barren logging site, called Two Mile Site, was dragged and prepared by M & H trucking, one of our partners. After the ash is dumped, a Kabota and a team of volunteers will go into mix the soil with the ash.
Boralex Energy of stratton donated DEP-approved wood ash. The truck driver's services was donated by Waste Management of Norridgewok, and the tractor-trailer itself was donated by Sam's Trucking of Georgetown, Mass. John Wolf drove the truck.
Let me remind you why we are using wood-ash, which is the first-of -its-kind project in N. America. Our timberland soil was never farmed, and is extremely acidic. No mater how fertile the soil is, our seeds would not germinate, unless the soil is sweetened. The other option is lime which is extremely expensive. The challenge was to match the cost of the conservation seeds, the logging companis have used in the past. The good news is that Wagner and Seven Islands, the logging companies have agreed to buy the specially designed "Rangeley Mix" for wildlife forage.

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