Thursday, August 26, 2010

A Funny Kind of a Deer Repellent

What do you mean--a deer repellent? These "feeding enclosures" you see in the photos, keep the deer from eating inside of the wired enclosure. If the seedlings inside are taller and more robust than the growth outside, we hope it means that the deer and wildlife are feeding on the plants outside of the enclosure. This will be one measurement of wildlife usage.

Meet Ron Roy, Maine Guide, who has volunteered to make 8 of these enclosures for our plots.

You need approximateley a 4 ft. diameter of enclosed chicken wire secured by 3 or 4 six-foot rebars. Ron even designed a special tool to pound the rebars into the rocky ground.

In the above photo, Ron is securing the wire to the rebar with zip ties.

Manley Harriman and Belinda Mansfield, volunteer moniters, are installing thir enclosure on their adopted plot. These volunteers will check the plots every two weeks and take other measurements. They will measure how much the plants have grown, and observe any tracks and droppings of wildlife. Weather will also be noted. By keeping good records, we can figure out what worked and what didn't. Elaine Holcum has also volunteered to be a moniter.

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