Friday, August 6, 2010

Stardate 8/5/10: Conquering Flat Iron Road

This site challenged our standard way of spreading the ash. Because of heavy rain, the ground was too wet and soft to hold the Kabota.

You recall, a couple weeks back, dump trucks hauling the ash got mired in the mud and we had no choice but to wait for a dry spell of weather. It was too risky to bring in the Kabota. So M& H Trucking was called in and assessed the situation. They volunteered this handy "little" Bobcat that hauled and leveled out 9 tons of ash in an hour and a half!


From our "inventory" of drags, we attached an old dog kennel gate to the back of Rick and Marcia Baker's ATV to ruff up the top soil for seeding.

Left to right is Tom Clough, Marcia Baker, Manley Harriman and Rick Baker discussing this new system.

Here you see Bakers' dog Mickey assisting Marcia Baker at the ATV helm. This drag was donated by Michael Warren, and it worked terrific on this site.

Special thanks to Belinda Harriman for her photography of the event.

Left to Right: Marcia Baker (driving the ATV), Rick Baker, Manley Harriman , and Tom Clough seeding. Dog guards Mickey Finn and Gretta.

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