Monday, August 16, 2010


Two Mile Plot is thriving after 10 days of growth.
In the photo above, the bow-tie shape is buckwheat, blue-green blades are oats, green blades, rye grass, and small dots, clover and timothy.
There is ample sign of deer and moose.

We are now entering the Moniter Phase of this project.

Above are seedlings at 8 days after planting on Seven Island's Flat Iron Road. Most of the time the seedlings are growing spotty--mostly flourishing in shady areas, and damp recesses. There is sparse growth on hard, sunny soil. We are noticing that the seedlings do better on the ash, as long as it is not too overly concentrated.

These seedlings are growing at 21 days on rugged Anvil Rock Site on Wagner Land. Marcia Baker, Chair of the project is scrutinizing the growth trends.

Guard dog Gretta checking out the seedlings on Anvil Rock Site.

We are noticing deer tracks of different age groups. The deer and moose like to hang around in thick concentrations of ash. Does anyone have an explanation for that?

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