Sunday, July 18, 2010

Stardate: July 12, 2010. . .whose mission is to go where no man has gone before.

Anvil Rock Plot was the first location to tackle. The day the ash arrived, a team of volunteers met to help Dave Borman spread the ash with his trusty Kabota. Although we had 9 volunteers, Dave expertly spread the ash without the help of manual raking.

It took Dave two hours to spread and mix ash, a pesky log tore out the transmission/hydraulic line of the Kabota. The replacement of this part caused quite a delay in completing the ash-spread to the other plots. A part had to be flown in from Ohio, and picked up by Rick Baker in Dixfield, to finally get Kabota fixed 4 days later.

The volunteers you see are Marcia Baker (project Chair), Dave Borman , Kabota owner and operator, Dick Moore, Lyn Hewey, Tom Nagle, and Rick Baker. Other volunteers (not shown) were Jean and Jack Nutile, Ed and Zenna Innes, and Reggie and wife Cyr. Cyr. The person fine tuning the spread ash is Dick Moore.

Here you see Anvil Rock Plot covered with ash. The

ash appears black, but it will slowly cool to light grey.

Because this plot was spread so smoothly we felt that the next two plots would be a piece of cake.

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