Tuesday, July 27, 2010

A Technique for soil preparation on a Private Land-Owners Plot

This photo of Tower Site was taken in late May. Full of boulders and weeds, but it has great potential nontheless.

It will be the "control site", the results of which will be compared to Two Mile Site. The sites will be seeded the same day, but Tower Site will not have any ash. It would be mission impossible to clear this site with bull-dozing.

So another technique to to get rid of competing weeds is to spray with Round-up, a green product. It is not toxic and is a plant enzyme. It kills any plant that is sprayed, but is safe for humans and wildlife. It does not remain in the soil.

This is an ideal technique for the private land owner who has a clearing in their woods or an old field.

Notice how tall the grass is here.

Here you see Tom Clough and Marc ia Baker preparing this 40 x 60 foot site,

by spraying. It took less than an hour.

Spraying should be done in 60 degree weather, and you wait a week before seeding.

See my earlier entry about our specialized seed mix. There is detailed information about Round-Up, and ways to prepare your soil before seeding.

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