Sunday, July 25, 2010

Stardate July 25 2010: First Food Plot Completed

Our first food plot successfully seeded and ashed. It only took 15 minutes for our seeders to get the seed spread on these hand-cranked cyclone spreaders.

Here you see our seeders parceling out the seeds in their special lanes.

Anvil Rock Site, the most challenging site for us. Because of all the rain, The site was left with many rain-soaked ruts. Before seeding, Marge Miller, Micheal Warren and Tom Nagel smoothed out the surface and fine-tuned the ash spread.

With the help of Rick Baker measuring out the correct amout of seed, Tom Clough gets his allotment to seed his lane . Although it only took a few minutes to seed, beforehand, Rick and Marcia Baker calculated out the t formula for spreading the correct amount of seed. In addition, lanes were marked ahead of time for the seeders to follow. Could a fifth grader figure this out?

Not shown here were the goodies eaten by the workers Tom Clough, Micheal Warren, Rick and Marcia Baker, Jack Nutile,Tom Nagel and Marge Miller. Thank you Marge and Claire Chase for donating the goodies.

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  1. This is an amazing project and I've truly enjoyed watching the progress. We can't wait to get up to Rangeley this fall and see the progress first hand.
    Keep up the good work!
    Bonnie & Kenny