Sunday, July 18, 2010

Stardate: July 15 Murphy's Law Takes Effect on Second Site

Murphy's Law: Everything that could happen, did happen!

Flat Iron Rd. Site seemed innocent enough. We thought it would by far be easiest to spread the ash. Afterall, it was a flat road. But Mother Nature had other plans for us.

This site presents different challenges, as we needed to haul ash from the main pile up the long road. (The tractor trailor could not enter this site )
Dave Borman, is transferring ash to Ron Ray's One ton dumptruck. Ron, a Club volunteer, owns Cupsuptic Welding Fabrication.

While there was a four delay waiting for the part to be installed in the Kabota, we had lots of rain, which totally saturated this site. To add insult to injury, it started to rain, just as we got started with our first truck load of ash to be dumped on the road. Dave Borman and Rick Baker spent all morning hammering and bending a part to fit into the disabled Kabota. There was no cell-phone signal to alert the crew that the Kabot would be three hours late.

Meanwhile, the volunteer work crew: Corey Baker, Sherry Oldham, Dick Moore, Reggie Cyr and Marcia Baker awaited the arrival of the "alusive Kabota". Meanwhile, one of the dump-truck owners, Corey Baker, of CP Transport, after waiting for 3 hours, had to depart thereby leaving only one truck to transport the ash across a very wet water bar at the entrance of the road.
Thank you Corey!

In this photo, Ron Ray studies his dump truck that is stuck to the gills on the first delivery up the road.

These are the next photos of the team trying to pull out Ron's truck. The chain broke once, so Marcia had to drive back to Ron's house to pick up a sturdier set of chains.
All in all, Ron got stuck two more times trying to retreat back to the staging area. In fact, Dave's trusty Kabota towed him back to drier territory. Ron had a great attitude about this fiasco.

At present, this site is on hold. The team must decide whether to wait until the road site dries and it is passable, or move the ash to another site.
I would like to thank all the volunteers for patiently waiting. A special thanks to Dave Borman with his assistant Rick Baker, of whom had the added burden of having to order and pick up a part, and spend all morning under a machine installing that stubborn part-- with the pressure of knowing that uninformed volunteers are waiting.

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